Printer Functions


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P500 / P600 / P600G


1. Language Settings
2. Latest Order
3. Todays Report
4. Update Shop Status
5. Manage Booking
6. Display IMEI
7. Firmware Update
8. Version Info
9. Download Logo


10. Contrast
11. Backlight
12. Delay Dial
13. Print Density
14. Print Speed
15. WiFi
16. Clock
17. Audio
18. Messages
19. Print Opening Time

Device Manager

Account Settings
20. Printer ID
21. Reset Manager Pass
22. Idle Text

Network Settings
23. GPRS
25. Order Print Settings
26. Auto Print
27. Auto Accept
28. Print Device Time
29. Date Format
30. Auto Reply Content
31. Additional Copy
32. Play Music
33. Print Logo

SMS Print Settings
34. SMS Auto Print
35. SMS Auto Reply
36. SMS Auto Reply Content

Delivery Settings
37. Accept Times
38. Reject Reasons
39. Enter Delivery Time
40. Time Input Method

Print Options
41. Print Header
42. Print Footer
43. Print Order ID
44. Print Times
45. Print Accepted/Rejected
46. Print Order Type
47. Print Amount Label1
48. Print Amount Label2
49. Print Amount Label3
50. Print Amount Label4
51. Print Customer Info
52. Print Prev. Orders
53. Print Payment
54. Print Phone
55. Print Cust Comment
56. Print First Customer
57. Blank Lines Between Items

Connectivity Settings
58. Idle Request Interval
59. Use Opening Time
60. DNS Mode

Print Label
61. Amount Label1 (Delivery Charge)
62. Amount Label2 (CC + Handling Fees)
63. Amount Label3 (Discount/Promo)
64. Amount Label4 (Total)

Font Settings
65. Order ID
66. Order Type
67. Order Total
68. Order Payment
69. Order Time
70. Requested For
71. Accept/Reject
72. Menu Item Font

Receipt Settings
73. Print Title
74. First Copy Title
75. Additional Copy Title
76. Print Additional Footer
77. First Copy Footer
78. Additional Copy Footer

Select Mode
79. WEB Only
80. SMS Only
81. WEB and SMS

Order Preview Settings
82. Order Preview
83. Order Printing

Schedule Reboot
84. Reboot Timer 1, 2 & 3

Printer Functions

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