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How to Place a test order?

You can place a test order from the printer app as well as from the MyPanel dashboard to test your printer. A test print also helps you to check the font sizes and other optional settings. After a test print you can set the font and other settings as per your requirement.

Place a test order from the Printer App

Login to your printer and navigate to the Menu button

PrinterCo 12
PrinterCo How to Place a test order?

Click on the “Print a test order” button.

PrinterCo Bluetooth pairing
An order will be created from MyPanel and sent to your printer to print. It can take up to 30-40 sec to arrive the order to your printer and to be printed out.

Place a Test order from MyPanel.

Please login to your MyPanel account and click on the printer list.

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It will open the printer list and you can see all of your printers here. You can also see the status of the printer here such as connected or disconnected or Idle. Please make sure your printer is connected before placing the order.
PrinterCo settings new
Now click on the “Settings” button which will open the dropdown menu and click on Send a test order Button. Finally, click on the Submit button. Now the order will be sent to your printer to print.
PrinterCo settings new 1
PrinterCo How to Place a test order?
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