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Printer App Releases


24th July 2020
Model: TPS900
Firmware Version: 5.4
Firmware Date: 24-07-2020
Download: app-release-24072020.apk

  • Compatible with the WordPress plugin “Five Star Restaurant Reservations” developed by FiveStarPlugins. This allows the option to print table reservation requests with the option to accept or reject them.
  • Plugin:
  • Tutorial: COMING SOON


2nd July 2020
Model: TPS900
Firmware Version: 5.3
Firmware Date: 02-07-2020
Download: app-release-02072020.apk
Details: Push notifications


15th June 2020
Model: TPS900
Firmware Version: 5.2
Firmware Date: 15-06-2020
Download: app-release-15062020.apk


8th May 2020
Model: TPS900
Firmware Version: 5.1
Firmware Date: 08-05-2020
Download: app-release-08052020.apk


24th March 2020
Version: 24032020
Download: app-release-24032020.apk
Details: Bug fixes for new batched of TPS900 printers (black colour)


7th August 2019
Version: 07082019
Download: app-release-07082019.apk
Details: improved efficiency of mobile data usage (SIM card)


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