Integration & Printer Setup


We go over the basics and show you the necessary steps needed after signing up. We’ll explore other areas from sending a test order (to ensure everything is in working order), to setting up our plugin extensions.

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How to install the PrinterCo app

There are 3 ways you can install the PrinterCo app.

OPTION 1 – Google Play Store

OPTION 2 – Sunmi Marketplace

OPTION 3 – Download Link

You can watch the video below that will demonstrate all 3 options.

Let's Get Started!

OPTION 3 – Step 1

Uninstall any existing installation of the PrinterCo app. Do this by pressing and holding the PrinterCo app icon, and then drag it to the trash icon that appears in the top right corner (TPS900). This may vary for other models.


OPTION 3 – Step 2

Open Chrome (or any other internet browser) and visit The latest version of the PrinterCo app will now be downloaded.


OPTION 3 – Step 3

Once the download is complete, open the APK file from the Downloads folder to initiate the installation. Once installed, open the PrinterCo app.

OPTION 3 – Step 4

Allow permissions to draw over other apps. This will enable the app to print and process your orders in the background, without needing to keep it open. Press the back button and wait 5-10 seconds.

Now allow the other required permissions.


OPTION 3 – Step 5

Enter your Printer ID and Manager Password to log in.

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