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Recommended Fonts setting for the nice looking layout

If you prefer to replicate the layout of the receipt below for your printer, then change your printer settings to replicate the below configuration.

If you would like this configuration to be applied to all of your TPS900 printers, then apply these settings in your Global Printer Settings. You can find this page by hovering over the Printers menu navigation item.

PrinterCo Delivery
ItemFont sizeBold Font
Order IDSmall
Order totalLarge
Order addressMedium
Order phoneMedium
Order commentSmall
Order typeLarge
Payment MethodLarge
Order “accepted for” partMedium
Order items descriptionSmall
Order requestedMedium
Order StatusSmall
Order itemsSmall
Order labels amountTiny
Order nameMedium
Previous ordersSmall
Order footerSmall
Order headerMedium
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