Integration & Printer Setup


We go over the basics and show you the necessary steps needed after signing up. We’ll explore other areas from sending a test order (to ensure everything is in working order), to setting up our plugin extensions.

Use the table of contents below to select your topic of interest.

Optimize receipt fonts for the best layout

If you prefer to replicate the layout of the receipt below for your TPS900 printer, then change your printer settings to replicate the below configuration.

If you would like this configuration to be applied to all of your TPS900 printers, then apply these settings in your Global Printer Settings. You can find this page by hovering over the Printers menu navigation item.

See an actual life-size comparison between our receipt and the larger 80mm JustEat printer.

Receipt - PrinterCo vs JustEat


Font size

Bold Font

Order ID Tiny
Order total Large
Order address Medium
Order phone Large
Order comment Medium
Order type Ex. Large
Payment Method Ex. Large
Order “accepted for” part Medium
Order time Tiny
Order requested Medium
Order status Small
Order items Medium
Order labels amount Tiny
Order name Medium
Previous orders Tiny
Order footer Small
Order header Small


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