Integration & Printer Setup


We go over the basics and show you the necessary steps needed after signing up. We’ll explore other areas from sending a test order (to ensure everything is in working order), to setting up our plugin extensions.

Use the table of contents below to select your topic of interest.

Locating your plugin licence key

 Step 1 – Open Printer Settings
  1. Log in to your MyPanel dashboard –
  2. Click the Printer List button.
  3. Click the edit button (pen icon) for the printer you want to assign the licence to.
 Step 2 – Register Your Licence
  1. In the Edit Printer page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Yes’ for the Register Licence? dropdown box.
  2. Click the submit button to save your changes.
  3. You’ll now be re-directed to the Printer List page.
 Step 3 – Copy Your Licence Key
  1. On the Printer List page, click the view button (eye icon).
  2. On the Printer Details page, scroll to the bottom and you will find your plugin licence key.


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