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Print Additional Fees on wooCommerce

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Are you looking to print additional fees onto your receipts?

Or maybe earn a little extra from every purchase your customers make, then this plugin is the perfect combination for your WooCommerce site.

It gives you the option to dynamically set up conditional order fees based on:

  • Customers country
  • Certain products in the cart
  • Certain tagged products in the cart
  • User
  • Cart Subtotal (Before Discount)
  • Number of items in the cart
  • Payment method (premium option)
  • Shipping method (premium option)

If you haven’t installed our WooCommerce plugin yet, you’ll need to do that first. You can find an installation guide by clicking here. Once you’ve done that, you can continue with this tutorial.

NOTE: You’ll be required to use our WooCommerce plugin version 2.5.4 and also have your TPS900 printer updated to version 5.2. You can find more details about this version here.

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to set up this sweet Curry Supply plugin.

Let’s Get Started!

 Step 1 – Install the plugin “Extra Fees Plugin for WooCommerce”
  1. Install the plugin from the WordPress repository by searching “Extra Fees Plugin for WooCommerce”.
  2. Here is the direct link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-conditional-product-fees-for-checkout/
  3. Activate the plugin.
 Step 2 – Add A Product Fee
  1. From the WordPress navigation panel on the left, click DotStore Plugins > WooCommerce Conditional Product Fee for Checkout.
  2. Click the Add Product Fees button.
PrinterCo WooCommerce CustomFields Step1

Step 2 – Add A Product Fee

Step 3 – Add Conditional Rules (optional) 
  1. Select the dropdown at the bottom to apply any additional rules for the fees.
PrinterCo WooCommerce CustomFields Step3
PrinterCo Print Additional Fees on wooCommerce

Step 3 – Add Conditional Rules (optional) 

 Step 4 – Checkout

1. You will now see your new fee(s) on the checkout confirmation page.

2. This will also be printed on the TPS900 receipt printer.

PrinterCo WooCommerce CustomFields Step4

Step 4 – Checkout

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