Integration & Printer Setup


We go over the basics and show you the necessary steps needed after signing up. We’ll explore other areas from sending a test order (to ensure everything is in working order), to setting up our plugin extensions.

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Login & Connect Your POS Printer

Step 1 – Turn the printer on.
Step 2 – From the home screen, press the PrinterCo app to open it.
TPS900 Printer Homescreen | PrinterCo


Step 3 – From the top right corner, you can see your printer is showing as disconnected from the MyPanel dashboard.

TPS900 Printer Login Screen | PrinterCo


 Step 4 – Enter the Printer ID generated by the MyPanel dashboard. To learn how to generate this click here.
 Step 5 – Enter the Manager Password you chose when adding the printer to your MyPanel dashboard, and then press the Connect button.
 Step 6 – If you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll be shown the PrinterCo app dashboard.
TPS900 Printer Dashboard | PrinterCo


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