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My printer is not printing!

If you sent a test order from your website or mobile apps, then the first thing you should check is if the order reached your MyPanel Order List successfully. If it did, then the order should print as normal.

If you don’t see your order on the Order list page, then check the WatchDog. Chances are there was an error in your order submission and MyPanel has rejected it. All failed submissions will be available in the WatchDog where you can see all details including the error.

If the order is in the Order List and the printer is still not printing, then this is most commonly an issue with the printer connectivity. Make sure your printer status is showing as “Connected” on your MyPanel Printer List page. A reboot of the printer or Disconnect and then logging in to the printer app again might resolve the connection issue.

If your printer status is shown as “Connected” and the order is still not being printed, then try deleting all pending orders and sending another fresh test order.

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