Printerco Sandbox

Welcome to PrinterCo!

Are you a developer or restaurant owner?

Do you want to test our printer app before buying?

Or want to integrate our printer with your website for testing?

Our sandbox account makes it easy for you!

If you have a Sunmi V2, Sunmi V2 Pro or any PrinterCo Compatible android based printers or at least an android phone, you can connect to our sandbox account to test the printing process. Please follow the steps below. . .


Please download our app from the Google play store.
Please search with “printerco” or just scan this QR code.

PrinterCo WhatsApp Image 2022 08 22 at 3.21.52 PM


Login to our app using these credentials.

Printer ID: 6795
Password: 0000


From the app navigate to tool > Simple test order. Press this button.
Please watch the video for more details.

Now you will receive an order from our web portal. You can accept or reject the order to complete the order process.

Do you want to use our printer with Woocommerce?

Please check the STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

Do you want to use our printer with a Custom-Coded Website?

Please check our API GUIDE 

Do you want to use our printer with other eCommerce or popular platform?

Please CLICK HERE and navigate to your desired platform integration guide such as Shopify, Gloria food, WP-Pizza, etc.

You need to login to the sandbox account to be able to test some orders from your website. You will find the test API key, API password and license key there.

Request an access for sandbox login credentials

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