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5 ways to make your restaurant to stand out with GloriaFood & a receipt printer

Gloriafood is a great way for businesses looking to get online. Especially, if they want to print orders through a wireless receipt printer.

Let’s look to see why that is!

There is a common saying that “Food is a necessity”. This, of course, is true, knowing well that food is not elective but necessary for survival. This makes the restaurant business one of the most resilient despite different phases of recession and economic failures. Although, you can say that home-cooked meals are a thing to cherish. But, in a dynamic and fast-paced world like ours today, going out to a reputable restaurant can be a fun experience. Not to mention very convenient for you and your family.

Despite the nature of the restaurant business, the industry has great competition from all angles. This means that every customer is important to your business. To ensure you keep getting customers and remain in business, you must check out the things you are doing to stand out. Within this article, we highlight 5 major areas that you must address to stand out amongst your competitors in the restaurant industry. Number 2 and number 5 are especially game-changers, so read till the end to catch the cruise. 

1.     Visibility

The very first thing you need to consider to stand out is your visibility to the outer world. You can achieve this by simply getting a website for your restaurant. There are many who have made creating a website easy using their simple drag and drop tools. It, therefore, means that anyone can create a stunning website without technical knowledge. If you prefer to go a little more advanced with your site creation and add more functionality, then you can opt-in for custom coding using trusted Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress.

2.     Order Management

Now that you are more visible and getting orders from your website and even offline, the next thing is your order management. This has to do with how you manage the customers coming in from your website and how easily you satisfy them. One of the best Online ordering systems for any restaurant out there is GloriaFood.

GloriaFood is as simple as “ABC.” All you need to do is set up your restaurant profile (this takes 15 minutes or less and requires no coding skills), create a restaurant menu online, install the free order taking restaurant app, and add the order button to your website. That’s all there is for your order management. Furthermore, if you can’t follow step 1 to build a website, GloriaFood offers functionality that lets you generate a custom website within 1 minute. To see how it works, check it out here.

3.     Good food looks good

Now that your website is ready to give you the needed visibility, and you have gotten your restaurant on GloriaFood, the next step is to ensure you deliver good food to your customers. There is a popular saying that says, “We first eat with our eyes,” so don’t make the mistake of putting up culinary images of dishes you cannot deliver.  Invest in good images that are high-quality and depict what you deliver. They should tell how sumptuous your meals are and how attractive they are. It doesn’t end there; you should endeavor to post quality photos regularly on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms.

4.     Online reputation management

By now, your restaurant should have been getting some popularity – thanks to web development tools, GloriaFood order management platform, and social media platform. Be sure to receive some negative comments as your popularity grows. One thing you must keep at the back of your mind is that you cannot please everyone, and there will always be bashers. To address this, always check your social media platforms and top review sites. Although you cannot always be on all review sites or social platforms, there are certain tools you can employ to help you with reputation management. Always remember, if you don’t address negative reviews, it can tarnish the image of your restaurant and cost your business a lot.

A good tool for this can be IFTTT, a web automation service that can be useful in creating alerts and triggers that you can easily reply to. is a specialized reputation management company that focuses on improving a business’s rating online.

5.     Finance management with Gloriafood receipt printer

Businesses focus on making money. Businesses also built to make a profit while delivering quality service to customers. The same lies for the restaurant industry; finance is a major part that must be handled with care and professionalism – except you are okay with losing money because of mismanagement.

The norm for most restaurants or e-commerce businesses is to have a computer that is connected to a standard printer to get print outs and records of your sales. Although this has been around for a while, finance management has evolved. The new face of finance management involves using wireless receipt printers to manage website orders The Dublin Roofers. The top solution for this management is PrinterCo, an e-commerce solution for kitchens, restaurants, and e-commerce websites to ensure orders are now printable on a wireless receipt printer instead of the traditional connection to a standard printer Bombtech Golf Clubs. This is an android based touch screen POS that makes it easy to navigate and is user friendly. Moreover, it saves you space since it is handheld.

Online guide to set-up the Gloriafood receipt printer.

Integrating our Gloriafood receipt printer is very easy. To see how to integrate PrinterCo into your GloriaFood platform, check out this link here. Integrating this gives you an easy to use GloriaFood receipt printer that makes your finance management hassle-free.

Some practical features of the Gloriafood receipt printer, built by PrinterCo, include:

✔ You can notify customers for more time to prepare orders

There are times that you receive more orders, you can easily add more time to an already placed order, and the customer will also get a notification about this. The same applies if an order needs to be rejected for any reason. You can easily do this and state the reason for rejection for your customer to be notified.

✔ Order countdown timer

No need for your customers to get frustrated over late orders. Every order is displayed with a timer that counts down for the expected time of delivery. You can also see a negative timer, which shows how long an order has been delayed.

✔ SMS order updates

You can send tailored SMS messages to your customers to update them on when their orders would be ready.

✔  Print End-of-day takings

You have access to summary printouts with totals of your collection and delivery orders.

✔  User-friendly order list

Easily track your orders with color coded order list.

✔  Customizable receipts

Receipts can be edited for fonts, bold or un-bold with 5 different sizes.

✔  Regular printer development

There is always an opportunity to add new features based on the latest trends.

In conclusion, standing out in the restaurant industry take more than just cooking the meals, you must have great visibility in the space, manage your order, maintain good online reputation, and manage your finance properly.

Here are some giveaways other than the steps stated above that can give you a competitive edge over your competition.

  • Offer unique promotions to your customers
  • Set new trends in the restaurant niche or improve on certain trends
  • Always get involved with your community
  • Also, try to invite guest chefs if you can.
  • Follow the latest trends and leverage on top technologies

For more info on the Order management system, visit: GloriaFood

For more info on the wireless POS system, visit: PrinterCo


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