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Why you shouldn’t use any receipt printer with AppInstitute’s app builder

Are you considering building mobile apps for your restaurant, and connecting it to a receipt printer?

Having an app for your restaurant demonstrates competence, and provides the capability to retain customers and increase their loyalty. Furthermore, it enables you to establish communication with your target audience via push notifications, in-app messages and provides many other business benefits. If you want a simple app with minimal, well-defined functionality, you don’t have to spend too much time and money on a developer. You can create it yourself in a few steps using an app builder even if you don’t know any programming language.

The app builder by AppInstitute is probably the best one available, more so for its integration with a wireless receipt printer by PrinterCo for easy printing of orders as you receive them. But why not use any receipt printer available on the market? Read till the end to find out!

AppInstitute app builder

AppInstitute is the largest app maker in the UK. Their DIY app builder suits busy small business owners. It has templates for more than 20 types of business, including restaurants, takeaways, beauty salons, estate agents, radio stations, medical centers, and coffee shops.×200&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=Czh8WvTG6I&p=https%3A//

The app builder has great ecommerce features, with highly customizable catalogue menus and loyalty options. Some of the templates have a powerful booking feature for appointment booking and creation of rich events with video and other content.

The basic app builder is $42 a month. If you want Progressive Web App plus Android app plus iOS app, with basic push notifications and app analytics, be prepared to pay $66 a month. Best of all, you get a free trial so you can play around with the templates before committing financially.

How to make an app with the app builder

Here are the steps to follow as you build your app with the app builder without using any coding language.

1. Select the right type of template for your type of business. The template is pre-loaded with all the features and tabs you’ll need. Decide if you want to link to your social media pages.

2. Brand your app. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. explains how to do it by implementing search engine optimization in 2022. When you add your logo, images, color schemes and other business information from your website, the app becomes unique to your business.

3. Edit the content by adding, customizing and tweaking features and information without writing a single line of code.

4. Once your app is ready, you can use the app maker wizard to make it go live in just a few clicks.

Advantages of using AppInstitute’s app builder

Using the app builder, you can create your business app affordably within a few hours, without possessing any programming skills. Then you publish it and take orders online and print them to a wireless receipt printer. Here are the advantages in detail.

1. Ready-made architecture

You don’t have to think about element placement since the app builder has templates (ready-made structures). Simply take advantage of the given structure specifically made for your type of business, add components and come up with a unique app.

2. You don’t need programming skills

App development using AppInstitute’s app builder is quite simple because you use a pre-existing template. Adding a new piece of information or component is shown in real time when you preview the app.

3. Less costly

The cost of developing an app by using an app builder is 40-80% cheaper than the cost of developing an app from scratch.

4. Fast app development

All the coding has already been done to create the template. You can build your app and publish it within a few hours by simply adding your logo, information and colors to the template. This option is better than using a development team that may take a few days to develop the app and a few weeks to place it in the App Store or Google Play Store.

5. Easy support

AppInstitute will place the completed app in stores, and provide further support. You can turn on or off different kinds of additional features at any time you wish.

6. Print orders to a wireless receipt printer

AppInstitute’s app builder is integrated into a wireless POS receipt printer by PrinterCo, a software technology company based in the United Kingdom.

Why use receipt printers by PrinterCo?

The live connection status is shown at the top of the app so you know any moment if your printer is offline or online and keep track of orders.

If you receive more orders on the printer, you have an option to add more time for the order and to update the customer. Should it become necessary, you can reject an order, select a reason and notify the customer.

Order countdown timer. Every order is displayed with a timer which counts down to the time that the customer expects the order. Once an order is ready it is marked as “dispatched.”

SMS order updates. You can send tailored SMS messages to customers to keep them updated on the progress of the order. You have access to SMS templates and to choose the message that best suits the situation.

At the end of the day you can print a summary of your day’s total collection and delivery of orders.

The order list is conveniently colour-coded to show orders that have just arrived, have been rejected or have been accepted.

You can customise your receipts using bold, plain and different font sizes.

There will be regular updates as PrinterCo develops new features.

Moving from the discontinued Google Cloud Print service

The order printer or receipt printer is a great Google Cloud Print alternative that is compatible with common eCommerce platforms. Another reason is it is ideal for restaurants, takeaways and any other business that takes online orders The small handheld printer also uses cloud technology, As a result, this saves vital workspace at the storefronts.

You can use the printer to print thermal receipts for your online orders within a few seconds of receiving them. Then you can prepare the order for collection or delivery. The app can be used for table reservation as well.

Commercial kitchens, food vans and other businesses whose space is at a premium can now print to a 58mm receipt printer, a small hand-held device, instead of using a computer and a standard A4 printer.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

PrinterCo receipt printers are a great solution to e-commerce website developers or designers who need integration for eCommerce platforms.

Integration to the website is easy if you follow tutorials on the PrinterCo Site.


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