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A practical solution for orders running late.

In this article we’ll see how we can improve the order flow for your business, ensuring consistent and acceptable delivery time for your customers.

To begin, let’s see what you’ve accomplished so far:

  • You’ve understood the importance of having an online presence for your business, so you went ahead and built a website.
  • You’ve realised you can free up staff and avoid some human error with an option for customers to order online, so you connected a cloud printer to your website.
  • You’ve learnt more about marketing and how to do it effectively, so you’ve launched some successful campaigns.

Now you finally get some orders coming in. Great! Your online business is catching on and the number of orders is increasing.

Now let’s see where room for improvement can be made:

We understand that in the real world businesses don’t receive orders nicely spaced out. There are sudden times of rush where orders need to be delivered within a tight window. Most businesses are pretty good at rearranging which order should go out first, despite it not being the first to be ordered. Check here No doubt, the need for such a skill is packaged with moments of pressure.

We’ll see how the same result can be achieved with less effort, but more importantly by all members of your team. Ultimately improving your customer service.

Firstly, let’s take a look at a common example.

  • 1 Your business has received a few orders that are expected to be collected within 10 minutes.
  • 2 Soon after, you receive a few orders that are expected to reach your customers within 45 minutes.
  • 3 Let’s then add to this a mixture a pre-order request, which needs to reach a customer by 7:00 pm sharp.

[mc4wp_form id=”5295″]

No problem. Your business is expected to handle all these orders. However, despite having enough time for the pre-order, it’s running a little late. And now you have a very hungry and disappointed customer to deal with. Not the best of situations to be in.

So what went wrong?…

A practical solution for orders running late!

Maybe you’re a head chef of a kitchen struggling with order management, or a shop floor manager too busy to run back and forth to check up on the kitchen. Whatever the case, customers are still calling up asking why their food still hasn’t arrived!

Somewhere down the line, as more orders piled on top of each other, you lost track of that one pre-order that was placed 8 orders ago. Now that’s something you can’t afford to explain to your customers. Especially if you’re business is online, because if you have upset customers than you can expect to get negative customer ratings.

The Solution: A POS Terminal with Online Order Management

After analysing these common issues, we tried to come up with a simple yet effective solution.

It works by displaying a live countdown for each accepted order Red Truck Fire & Safety Company. You can then sort your orders by the amount of time you have left. Not only will this help you save time, but you can provide accurate information if your customers decided to call up and inquire about their order.

Balance order priorities effectively with our TPS900 POS Terminal.

See it in action!


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