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These days, apps have become a huge part of any type of business. They enable customers to easily access information, to ask questions, to complain and to receive answers fast via mobile devices, any time any place. If you are a small or medium-scale business, don’t get left behind. Build an app fast using an app maker by BiznessApps, one of the best app makers available. It makes it easy for you to create an app for almost any type of business. One of its best feature is its integration with a wireless POS printer by PrinterCo for easy printing of orders and receipts on a very small printer.

BiznessApps app maker

BiznessApps, based in San Francisco Bay area in the US, has been creating apps since 2010. Its app maker has ready-made templates for various industries which you can use as a beginning point when you build your app. It serves restaurants, community groups, real estate, health & beauty, schools and music and many other industries.

The app maker has a very simple and intuitive design engine that enables you to create a great mobile experience for your customers. It enables you to access the Google font library to choose from more than 800 fonts and it provides over 1,000 beautiful icons, to make your app unique and easy to use. There are many other features which you can find here.

Best of all, you will only pay US$99 per month for the template, hosting and ongoing support. You can also become a reseller of the app maker. All the information is available here.

How to make an app with BiznessfApps

You can sign up on the BiznessApps website, then create your app in 5 easy steps.

1. Simply choose the template that relates to your industry. BiznessApps pre-loaded the template with all the features and tabs you’ll need for your business.

2. Drag and drop the features that you want into your app.

3. Brand your app by adding your logo, images, color schemes and other business information from your website to make your app unique.

4. Edit the content by adding, customizing and tweaking features and information without writing any code.

5. Once your app is ready, make it go live in just a few clicks using the app maker wizard.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to design and create your own app, BiznessApps can create a branded app specifically for you, starting at $750.

Advantages of using BiznessApps

You can create your app inexpensively within a few hours, using the app maker, even if you don’t have programming skills. Then you publish it immediately and start taking orders online, which you can print to a wireless receipt printer. Here are the advantages in detail.

1. Ready-made architecture

You don’t have to design the app since the app maker contains ready-made templates. Exploit the given structure specifically made for your type of business by adding components to create a unique app.

2. Programming skills not necessary

You don’t have any programming skills? No problem! Simply add any new piece of information or component and you will see it in real time when you preview the app.

3. Affordable

Building your app using this app maker is 40-80% cheaper than paying a developer to develop it from scratch.

4. Fast app building

The design is already in place. So, you can build your app and publish it within a few hours by just adding your logo, information and colors to the template and publishing it right there on BiznessApps. No need to wait for it for weeks which happens when you use a developer.

5. Ongoing support

Support is available during the app building process. BiznessApps will place the completed app in stores, and continue to support you through website in case of any medical emergencies. You can turn on or off any feature at any time.

6. Integrations

For operational efficiency, the app maker integrates with third-party services to streamline your processes.

7. Print orders to a wireless receipt printer

BiznessApps’ app maker is integrated with a POS receipt printer by PrinterCo, a UK-based software technology company. The receipt printer (order printer) is an amazing wireless thermal Google Cloud Print alternative with a touchscreen. It is compatible with common ecommerce platforms, making it ideal for businesses that take online orders.

The printer enables you to take orders on a smartphone and print to a hand-held 58mm receipt printer within seconds of receiving the order. This is convenient if you run a business within limited space where a computer and an A4 printer would take too much space. You can customise the appearance of your receipts using a mixture of bold, plain and different font sizes.

The printer also enables you to keep track of orders in a number of ways.

  • A live connection status at the top of the app lets you know at any moment if your printer is offline or online so you can keep track of orders.
  • The printer colour-codes the order list to easily show orders that have just arrived, have been accepted or have been rejected.
  • During busy moments, you can choose to add more time for certain orders and update your customers accordingly.
  • When necessary, you can reject an order, select a reason from a given menu, and notify the customer.
  • The printer displays every order with a countdown timer which counts down to the time that the customer expects the order.
  • It marks each order that is ready as “dispatched.”
  • You can keep customers updated on the progress of the order by sending tailored SMS messages which you choose from a menu.

At the end of the day or shift, you can print a summary of your day’s or shift’s total collection and delivery of orders.

App developers, and e-commerce web developers or designers who need integration for ecommerce platforms will find PrinterCo POS printers to be great solutions with regular updates from PrinterCo. The integration tutorial is available on the PrinterCo Site.


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