Change subscription plan

You can change your subscription plan by login to your MyPanel. Please login to your account and follow the steps below Step 1 Please login to you MyPanel and click on the subscription button Step 2 You will see the option to change plan. Click and select your desired plan from the dropdown menu Step […]

Step-by-step guide to set up your printer.

To use your Android POS, phone, or tablet, you must first add it to your MyPanel dashboard and generate a unique printer ID. This ID, along with the password you set during the process, will allow you to log in and connect your printer app. It’s important to note that if you didn’t purchase the […]

How to connect a thermal printer with the PrinterCo app?

You can install the PrinterCo app on an Android phone or tablet and then connect it to a thermal printer to print orders from your website. In this article, we will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to do that. Connect to a thermal printer over Bluetooth. This process is divided into 2 […]

How to Buy SMS Credit from MyPanel Dashboard?

You can buy SMS from mypanel dashboard for a particular printer. Step 1: Login to your MyPanel account Step 2: Point your mouse on the printers button and select buy SMS from the dropdown. Step 3: On this page, you will find all the SMS packages that are available. Click on the Buy Button to […]

Automatically print orders

Automatically print orders from woocommerce, shopify, Gloriafood or any custom-built website without pressing any button. Do you want to simplify the process of accepting and printing online orders during rush hour? Simply enable the auto-print and auto-accept features, and disable the need to enter delivery time in your printer settings. This way, all your orders […]

How do I print a WooCommerce order?

How do I print a woocommerce order? Printing orders from woocommerce were never been that easy! Cloud printing for woocommerce plugin allows you to easily print different order types such as delivery, pickup, reservation and Dine-in. This plugin extends on top of the features provided by the official WooCommerce plugin and enables your WooCommerce web […]

How do I automatically print WooCommerce orders?

We make it easy to print wocommerce orders! You will get everything from one place start from the plugin to thermal printer. Print your woocommerce order the way you need. Print it automatically to your kitchen or warehouse. You can also create a flow of action for the printing process like accept or reject the […]

How to Place a test order?

You can place a test order from the printer app as well as from the MyPanel dashboard to test your printer. A test print also helps you to check the font sizes and other optional settings. After a test print you can set the font and other settings as per your requirement. Place a test […]

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