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12 Features That Will Win You Over*

1. Automatic Updates

No more nasty surprises with bugs. As soon as we're aware of an issue, we'll work on the fix and release a new build. The printer will automatically find any new updates and install it itself. Saving you time and hassle from a potential disaster with your online business.

2. Stable Connection

With similar thermal printers on the market, you may have or will experience at times your connection to timeout. This is extremely frustrating during busy business hours, particularly on the weekends. The Android OS has demonstrated to eliminate this problem, time after time. No idling connections that take forever to come back online. Even if your thermal printer has been idle for a number of hours, resuming back to the expected performance occurs immediately. Always warmed up and ready to go!

3. Order Countdown

A unique feature that integrates practicality into your order preparation process. The moment an order is accepted, a timer in the red font will initiate a countdown. Extremely helpful for situations when you need to complete orders outside of a FIFO (First in, First Out) process.

4. Override Controls

Take control of the driver seat. Ever found yourself in a situation where you're away from the business premises and encounter an issue with your printer? Well, now you can log in to your account from any device and make changes to your printer settings. Ideal for busy business owners or IT service providers.

5. More Fonts

Now you can choose from five different font sizes to customise your receipts. No coding required. Show or hide information you think is important for your staff and customers



6. Super User-Friendly

Our printer menus are designed for easy navigation, whichever screen you're on. We've decluttered and found ways to add more functionality in a more tidy and organised manner. Making it ideal for teams that are less tech savvy.

7. Live Status

A live connection status is displayed conveniently at the top of the app. This allows you to know if your printer is offline, rather than an angry customer calling up to let you know in their own ways!

8. Printer Setup Within 2 Sec!

With just a printer ID and a password, the printer is ready to go. The main is done from your account. Add your printer by entering the serial number and give it a password. A printer ID will then be automatically generated for you.

9. Built-in TroubleShooting

Access to live chat and forums are built straight into the app. Users can now get the support they need quickly and efficiently. And since you'll already be logged into your printer, we can skip the boring account verification process.

10. Quick Useful Tools

One of many of these tools is the ability to send a test order directly from the printer. Either to test your server connections or check if your receipt font changes are suitable for the job. More tools to be added here in the future

11. Benefits Of An Android Device

We don't add any shell's on our devices. This means users can get the most out of their investment and use the android device however they want. Whether to take PayPal payments or manage their social media.

12. Ready For Development

Our platform has been developed to be eco-friendly ready to adopt new tools and features quickly and efficiently. These include but are not limited to SMS order notifications and live delivery order tracking. Upgrade your business tools and increase your customer experience.

Ready For Development

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