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LET’S FACE IT. If you’re looking to increase your revenue, you can’t run away from having an online presence. And if you have a food business, then you need an e-commerce site at least. WooCommerce and WP-Pizza are both really good and low-cost platforms to get started with. Once you have this setup, the next thing to do is to connect your website to a cloud printer. This will enable you to print orders as soon as they’re placed.
Social media is another platform to get your business online. However, if used correctly, it’s actually a tool to boost your website traffic, and in turn, increase your business. At the end of the day, social media and other online platforms are all linked back to your website. By not having an e-commerce website in today’s digital world, it is like drawing out water from a well with a bucket that has a dozen holes. Your spending more of your time, money and effort to get fewer results.
WE UNDERSTAND nobody wants to be stuck behind a computer screen 24/7 debugging code, connecting to API’s and fiddling around with a control panel. You just want things done and have the rest of the day to get back to. As a businessman or woman, you want to focus on how to increase sales, not figure out how to network a website with a printer.
SOME PROBLEMS you see now is, I need a website with cloud printing, but…
  • I’m not a web developer
  • I really don’t have the time to learn about web development
  • I don’t have the budget to hire a web developer
This is where we can help. Let’s imagine that so far you’ve created a stunning website and you’ve executed a few successful marketing campaigns. You’re generating a ton of leads and more visitors are converting into paying customers. But having to check emails for every new order is starting to become a bit of a nuisance.


So, what are your options?

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Having the orders print automatically through a conventional inkjet printer could work but that wouldn’t be practical. The printer itself would take up a lot of space on your worktop, not to mention the amount of A4 paper you would waste for each order.
What about simply writing out a kitchen copy from the email. This actually causes more problems than it solves. It’s like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards. One of the main reasons for having a system like this in the first place is to improve the efficiency of your workflow. So, even though it may be tempting, writing out orders not only re-introduces the poor handwriting issues but also your limiting staff efficiency by spending more time than necessary on taking orders. It may only take 2 minutes to write an order, but this can be chaotic during busy hours, which is a perfect condition for human errors.
You didn’t spend your time and money on crafting the perfect website for no reason. It should improve the efficiency of your workflow, and save you time and manpower.

So how can you print orders in a way that is useful and at the same time not wasteful?

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With a noticeable ringtone, your staff will know when orders are placed, even if they’re busy with another customer.

PrinterCo POS machines also have a wide range of settings, so you can configure it to work the way you want. Whether you want orders to ring first, then prompt the user to print and accept the order, or just automate the entire process. Check here Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties. You also have settings right down to change the contents and font of your receipts.

We’ve partnered up with WooCommerce and WP-Pizza!

WooCommerce and WP-Pizza are both plugins for WordPress. They are quickly gaining popularity amongst online merchants across the globe. Best known for easy setup to create an online store, along with having the tools to customize products with various options. And by adding a thermal printer, you can package together an online store that’s ready for the hungry digital world.
We’ve created plugins that extend the standard features for both these platforms. By installing our plugin, it will enable your e-commerce website with cloud printing capabilities through a handheld thermal printer. Perfect for businesses that need orders printed on demand.
Installing our plugins are not only very easy to do, but it also does the heavy lifting of linking your website to the printer via our API. You don’t need to be a web developer or even hire one, just visit a site www.masterpaving.ie/. We explain here each of the steps on how to install both our WooCommerce extension and WP-Pizza extension.
So, whether you’re creating a website for your own business, or starting your own web design company, we can help kickstart your business.

No licencing fees.

No monthly fees.

100% Single Licence FREE


We are aware that some features of WooCommerce may not be compatible with our extension. In the unlikely event you experience such issues, or anything else, then please get in touch. We highly value our customer feedback.

The best place to reach out to us is in the forum. Our technical team are actively answering our customer’s questions. Alternatively, you can also email our team at support@printerco.net. If a ‘fix’ requires a new build of the extension, we will work quickly to release it via our forum, social media and email.

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