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POS Printer For WooCommerce - plugin 2.6.5

WordPress WooCommerce integration with PrinterCo - Tablet POS printers

Introducing the new POS Printer for WooCommerce plugin. This is our new plugin version 2.6.5 where we’ve made big improvements on. We’ve taken onboard a request that has been raised frequently by our clients, along with a new – and may I add a very practical – request. We’re really excited about delivering these 2 new features for our clients.


Firstly, with this plugin version, we’ve decided to change the name to something that is more meaningful. Although the name “POS Printer for WooCommerce” doesn’t affect any of the functionalities, but we think it gives a much nicer touch 😉

Email Order Notifications

Ok, let’s get to the crux of the matter. With our new “POS Printer for WooCommerce” plugin, we’ve built a new email editor. This now gives you more control over the order notifications sent to your customers via email.

To make changes to the email template head over to the WooCommerce Settings and then click the Integration tab. You’ll now see a new link labelled “PrinterCo Email Editor” alongside the usual “PrinterCo API Integration”.

POS Printer for WooCommerce plugin 2.6.5 - new email editor

Under the PrinterCo Email Editor, you’ll see 6 placeholders to help you personalize your emails. These are as follows:

[order_id]         - Order id
[site_name]        - Your site name
[agreed_time]      - Agreed time
[processing_time]  - Processing time
[rejected_message] - Rejected reason
[customer_name]    - Customer name

You’ll then see 2 text-fields for accepted orders – one for the email subject line and another for the email body.

POS Printer for WooCommerce plugin 2.6.5 - email subject and body for accepted orders

And then another 2 text-fields for rejected orders – again one for the email subject line and another for the email body.

POS Printer for WooCommerce plugin 2.6.5 - email subject and body for rejected orders

Make any changes to these templates. And don’t forget to use the placeholders to give a more personalized touch. Click saves changes when finished.


Troubleshooting the POS Printer for WooCommerce

After you’ve configured these settings, your WooCommerce website should be ready to print orders to our WooCommerce order printer. Send a test order from your website and check to see if it prints out. If not, then make sure to check the WatchDog to see if you’ve missed anything.
If you’d like to change the text size and style of the receipt, then make sure you read our tutorial here.
If you need help with your WooCommerce order printer then feel free to contact our support team. You can email or reach us via live chat.

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