Printer Licence

Printer Licence

PrinterCo (and iConnect) will only work with printers using our printer firmware.

If you purchased a similar printer from 3rd parties, and you are able to upload our firmware onto those printers, you will be required to purchase a printer licence. Our system has an authentication process that only allows authorised printers to benefit from our services.

After purchase, please email us with your Order ID and your printer S/N and IMEI numbers so that we can upload it to your database.

PrinterCo Printer Licence | 3rd Party Printers



1 – 3 £55.00
4 – 19 £50.00
20 – 49 £45.00
50 – 199 £40.00
200+ £40.00


  A subscription is required in order to use this printer licence.
  See which subscription plan is best suited for you. All subject to VAT.


£55.00 excl. VAT


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