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Why is my printer i...

Why is my printer idle?

Let me take this opportunity to explain how the printer status is updated by iConnect. The iBacsTel printers send a request to iConnect every 30 seconds. If the printer has a stable internet connection (through GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi) and the request is successfully sent, then iConnect will show your printer status as "Connected". Otherwise, this is shown as "Disconnected" Technically, the "Idle" status is displayed after a single or several successful requests have been sent but then stops. iConnect will give the printer a few more "30 second slots" to see if it receives any more requests before changing the status to "Disconnected". However, if you send an order to your printer, it should kick it out of the Idle status if there are no real network connection issues. Keep a close look at your iConnect printer list and refresh the page every 30-60 seconds to see if your printer status has changed.

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