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Welcome to the PrinterCo online community! We strive to better customer experience by providing more support materials. Easier access to answers and resources related to our POS printers, tools and plugins
By using a forum, it can help to deliver excellent customer service. We aim to create a community and host various discussion boards. This includes new product updates, announcements, bug reports, fixes, and general guidance. This complements our existing support materials.
Need help connecting your printer to your website? How about your mobile apps? We’ve got you covered. You’ll soon see that our community will be your go-to place for all your POS printing needs.
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Learn how to make the most out of your thermal printer. Question on how to use the printer functions, configurations, API integration and even WooCommerce.
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How to print emails

Printing emails involves a more technical expertise. There are some third-party services that you can use to print emails from our printers. One of them being email2HTTP. For more instructions on how to use email2HTTP, please download the manual by clicking


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