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How to connect your printer to the internet?

There a are 3 ways to communicate with the iBacsTel printers. 1. SMS: This is the most basic method and requires no configuration as it doesn't need to connect with your iConnect. Simply insert a working sim card and send your SMS to the mobile number. Your SMS will be printer shortly. This is a 1-way communication and each SMS message are limited to 160 characters. 2. GPRS(2G) and 3G: This allows a 2-way communication, meaning you can send your order to the printer and expect a response to be available in iConnect. With this method, you will be required to use your network APN details. During the setup wizard, select the GPRS option. 3. Wi-Fi: This also allows a 2-way communication. During the setup wizard, select the Wi-Fi option to find your Wi-Fi and connect to it. Please note: Using both method 2 and 3 together may cause conflict in connecting to the internet. Therefore, use only 1 at a time is recommended. You can always change this by re-running the setup wizard again.

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