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Firmware Update for the IBT6000W-Sim840

Please download the latest firmware for the IBT6000W printer by clicking on the link below: http://ibacstel.com/cd/newgen/IBT6000W(CN) currently don't have a video tutorial to help you upload the latest firmware for the IBT6000W models. However, please follow the written tutorial below:Install the driver Leave the printer off Connect the printer with the PC using the blue USB cable Once you connect the cable your printer should turn on Open the firmware tool Open Device Config > Ports (COM & LPT) > MediaTek USB Port (COM9) Right click and click on Properties Port Settings > Advanced > click the dropdown for the “COM Port Number” and change to COM30. Click Ok and then Ok.Head back over to the TOOL Click the Image folder and select the Firmware folder located underDisconnect the cable from the PC and turn the printer off Hit start and a counter should start. Leaving the printer off, connect the cable back to the Pc. The firmware upload should begin. You’ll notice the progress bar to be filled in. Once it completed it will be green. At that point you can remove the cables and turn the printer on. If you see the iBacsTel logo the firmware upload was successful. To confirm the latest version was uploaded, you can press the F1 button and then Version Info. It should read IBT6000W(CN) uploading the firmware, you will need to run through the setup wizard once again.

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