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During LIVE - suddenly occurs in the live environment

Special Characters

In some cases, orders that contain certain special characters can cause the printer problems when printing. Examples of such characters are &, " along with others. To deal with this problem right now, please visit your iConnect Transaction List for that printer, and manually ACCEPT or REJECT the pending order. If the printer still does not work after doing this, please try restarting the printer. To ensure this does not happen in the future, please ensure you have some sort of validation in your code to filter out special characters from your orders before they are sent to iConnect for printing. Make sure to have only letters and numbers. If you have a developer, please ask them to do this as we cannot help.


SIM Card only

If you made sure no special characters are included in your order, and your printer still seems to suddenly stop printing, then this could be related to connectivity issues. If you are using a sim card, sometimes the networks carry out maintenance work that can temporarily affect the 2G network coverage. In this case, you need to wait until they have completed their work.Another reason could be that your sim just needs to be refreshed to have it working smoothly again. Sometimes restarting the printer does the trick, but other time a refresh request needs to be sent to the sim card provider.


During LIVE - suddenly occurs in the live environment

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