PrinterCo Partnership Programme

PrinterCo Partnership Programme

PrinterCo Partnership Programme - Earn up to 35% revenue share on subscription fees
To begin, I would like to give our readers a quick backstory on PrinterCo. We specialize in the development of handheld POS printers used for online ordering. This is in response to the demand for the online ordering technology, at an affordable price. If you joined us from our inception, you may have noticed that we like to do things differently. We aren’t your typical POS supplier.  Our goal is to provide technological support for small businesses across the globe serving in the hospitality industry, including web and mobile app developers.


Food delivery giants around the globe (listed below) are doing a superb job at supporting these businesses in the hospitality industry. With their platform, they’re able to provide the exposure needed to reach out and attract potential new customers.
  • Just-Eat
  • Deliveroo
  • UberEats
  • GrubHub
  • Meituan Waimai
  • OLO
  • Snapfinger
  • DoorDash
  • Postmates

Earn up to

35% Revenue Share

from your subscription fees

Despite this, and the new technologies these giants have introduced, most small business are still struggling from the costs for receiving these benefits.


I personally use some of the platforms listed above, as my family and I love to try new foods. I get excited when a new food joint opens up in my area, and it’s devastating when another closes. This maybe because, as humans, we love to have many options. It gives us a sense of control.

How PrinterCo can help you

If we can help each other to see the bigger picture, we can all thrive together. Not only does PrinterCo aim to help hospitality businesses, but also the developers that spend time to craft bespoke websites and mobile apps. We do this in a number of ways.
First and foremost, we believe the feedback you provide paves the way for our future. It drives our passion and fortifies our purpose. By continuously adding new practical features to our handheld POS printers, we are able to attract more restaurants and takeaways.
In addition to a countdown timer for each order and multilingual support and an SMS order notification to update customers on their orders.
We also have future plans to develop a delivery system inspired by Amazon Flex and Deliveroo.
Secondly, we have made our handheld POS printers compatible with major e-commerce brands. This facilitates developers to build websites and apps using the platforms that suit their business model.

e-Commerce Platforms

Even though we have our own API for custom developments, here is a list of the e-commerce platforms we work with:
And now, we are introducing a partnership programme for developers. Visit This is to provide financial support through a revenue-sharing system. As of today, developers that add printers to their MyPanel account and pay their subscription fees will be entitled to a reimbursement of up to 35% of this fee. This is an ongoing programme that will remain active as long as the individual MyPanel account is still running.

Revenue Share %

Below are the actual revenue-sharing percentages you can expect to receive:
  • 10% = 2 -10 printers
  • 20% = 11 – 20 printers
  • 35% = 21+ printers
To enrol on the programme, please fill in the short form below.


    1. Avatar
      March 21, 2021

      I’m currently using GloriaFood and would need to purchase increasingly bulk volume as a partner.

      How ever I would like to request for a first discounted machine for me to purchase and validate that it works well with Gloriafood.


      1. Avatar
        March 21, 2021

        Hi William

        We don’t give discounts for first time buyers. However, if it doesn’t work, we will issue you a full refund if the packaging is still intact. This will exclude any shipping fees however.

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